How does Xingley work?

Create Email
Quickly create your email newsletter.
Add Product
Just drop your for-sale item into your email.
Send Email
Send your email newsletter to all your customers.
Get Sales
Your customers click a link or button in the email to buy.

Why you'll love Xingley

Email responses that really matter: Sales

Send email newsletters that your customers can take direct action on, boosting your redemption rates and getting you the responses you really want.

Online payments without the ecommerce hassles

All the benefits of selling online without the hassles of uploading your entire inventory, setting stock levels, and managing an ecommerce store.

You control the look and feel

Use Xingley's built-in templates or design your own for your email newsletter and product pages.

Engage your mobile customers

Xingley detects when your customer is on a mobile device and presents a complete mobile optimized experience. No mobile shopping app needed!

Who uses Xingley?

  • Local Sellers and Small Businesses love Xingley because they can generate sales directly from their email newsletters on Day 1 without the hassles of managing a separate online store

  • Online Sellers love the ability to use their existing online shops with our actionable email newsletters that they can customize to match the look and feel of their shops

  • Your Customers will love the easy and intuitive shopping experience that your Xingley "email store" brings

What our customers think about Xingley
We have been using Xingley's email service at our wine shop for the last 2 years; it's our primary means of communication with over 8,000 customers and it generates results week after week. I simply send my email and immediately start seeing sales come in. The Xingley support staff is extremely responsive. Don't know what we would do without Xingley!
- Mike Mackie, Owner
The Wine Cabinet, Reston VA
A few examples of using Xingley
  • A yoga teacher makes it easy for her prospects to sign-up for her classes.
  • Politicians & non-profits create different call to actions for fund raising.
  • A Parent teacher Association (PTA) increases response rate from School Parents.
  • Several local merchants use it to sell their excess inventories and drive foot traffic to store
& many more use cases.

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